Cat and Dog Neuter or Spay in Pasadena, TX

Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay in Pasadena, TX

One of the most important decisions you’ll make about your puppy or kitten is whether or not you’ll spay and neuter them. If you don’t plan to breed your pet, we strongly recommend that you spay or neuter them, due to the many benefits that are involved. Spaying and neutering are among the most commonly performed soft tissue surgeries at animal hospitals all over the country, including Angel Animal Hospital. To schedule your cat or dog’s neuter or spay appointment, give us a call at (713) 944-2424 or make an appointment online.

Just as with every other pet surgery we perform, we make our patients’ safety and comfort a #1 priority during these procedures. To reduce swelling and discomfort after surgery, we use Companion® Laser Therapy, which also aids in the healing process.
If you recently brought home a new puppy or kitten, and you’ve been thinking about spaying or neutering them here in Pasadena, consider the following list of FAQs for more information:

Why Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog and Cat?

Having your cat and dog neutered or spayed can benefit your pet, the community, and you in the following ways:

    • The risk of mammary tumors and uterine infections can be eliminated.
    • The risk of testicular cancer can be eliminated.
    • Aggressive behavior can be eliminated.
    • Marking/spraying will be eliminated.
    • The heat cycle will be eliminated.
    • You can lower the pet overpopulation and decrease the number of unwanted pets in shelters (many of which end up being euthanized).
    • Your pet can live a happier life, overall.

Will My Pet Gain Weight After Surgery?

Some dogs and cats do gain weight after being spayed or neutered, but some don’t. Again, it’s dependent on breed. Other factors include your pet’s activity level and diet, of course. To keep your pet at a healthy weight, feed them a quality diet, limit their portions, and make sure they get enough exercise every day.

When Should I Spay or Neuter My Dog and Cat?

The exact age to spay or neuter your dog or cat is dependent on your pet’s breed, as are many other aspects of your pet’s health (lifespan, diet, etc.). Typically, we recommend these procedures be performed when your pet is 5-6 months of age. We’ll be glad to let you know what we recommend for YOUR dog and cat during their first wellness exam at Angel Animal Hospital.

Give us a call at (713) 944-2424 or make an appointment online for your cat or dog’s neuter or spay in Pasadena, TX.